Mission Statement

Original artwork by visionary artist Myles Pinkney.

Mission Statements are Dreams

And so is art. Art is an expressed dream.  Nothing more visual to the human mind than dreams.  We remember them as vivid and yet having an indefinable resonance from deep within our souls.   The job of artists has always been (and will always be) to take that secret, intimate, and most puzzling: the indefinable information – from the dreams we have at night and from daydreams we unconsciously live in – indeed visions – and put paint to canvas.

Our mission at Mind Set Gallery…

is to use our business acumen to help artists publicize and promote their art. We do it for money, but we don’t do it just for the money. We love art and artists. We are artists ourselves, and we understand where the line crosses to business. It’s a broad leap for most artists. Our aim is to bridge the gap, and make one simple concept simple: To connect great emerging artists with the growing worldwide constituency of everyday art connoisseur.

What We Do

The Mind Set Gallery connects emerging important artists — both cutting edge and classical — with like-minded everyday folks like you and me.  At the MSG, you’ll find yourself wandering around a virtual art gallery, whether its located deep in the DTLA Arts District or nestled comfy within the public bosom of Beverly Hills.   You’ll discover great new emerging visionary artists, where you will have the opportunity to purchase their art.

For the Artist

The Mind Set Gallery is a simple way to connect with your audience fan-base and grow.   We offer special unique gallery pages dedicated to an artist’s bio and history of work, as well as personal vision.  From there, the public enter your unique wing, where your art is displayed exclusively on its own unique page.  On that page is a suggested purchase price, where potential buyers can purchase a copy or original of your work of art.  All they need to do is click on the particular work they wish to purchase, which takes them to an email form, uniquely dedicated to the particular work of art and its price.  In that email will be payment options, including PayPal.  Once The Mind Set Gallery receives the payment, it is electronically sent onto you, the artist, minus a 20% transaction fee.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, art is:

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Your Gallery

So, take a look around.  This is your gallery.  See what genius you can find.  Enjoy it just for its existence.  Get inspired.  Then; if you’re so inclined, purchase a copy or the original of the artist.  Hang up on your wall and open up great conversations.   And, if you’re there on the ground floor early enough, see how that work of art will be one of the best investments you’ve ever owned.

I thank you.

D.B.Humbleworth, Curator Mind Set Gallery


Groovy Bob Swung London

Swinging Sixties London art dealer Robert Fraser was the center of it all.
Swinging Sixties London art dealer Robert Fraser was the center of it all.

Art Dealer Robert Fraser

If you were lucky enough to be part of the small cadre of “In” people in London around the late Sixties, you most certainly knew Robert Fraser.  The Robert Fraser Gallery was at 69 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, London.  Mayfair.  “Groovy Bob”, as he was nicknamed, called amongst his close friends and business associates, the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  Rebel Americans: actor Dennis Hopper, madman writer William Bourroughs and experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger, were all part of the late night lot who hung around, dropped acid and traded art.

Magritte to McCartney

Frazer was a sly devil.  Simple slick Saville Row bespoke suits and none of the ostentatious neck scarves of those trying to pretend they belong in the tribe, Frazer was a wheeler-dealer par excellence, who sold a Magritte to Paul McCartney and make lots of money for those already too rich for knowing three guitar chords or less.

The Ballad of John and Yoko

A bit of a matchmaker by trade, Fraser sponsored a 1966 Yoko Ono exhibition at London’s Indica Gallery.  It was there, standing on a ladder, examining something tiny written on the ceiling is where John Lennon fell in love with the Japanese experimental artist.   But it wasn’t Fraser’s only Beatle connection.

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Groovy Bob was the art-director for the iconic cover of The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band.  Pop artist Peter Blake created the original collage cover design, which replace the iconic pop group’s original intention of using a psychedelic work created by the art collective The Fool.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In 1967, the Metropolitan Police invaded the remote home of Rolling Stone’s guitarist Keith Richards, where there was a drug and sex orgy happening the night before.  They found 20 heroin pills in Fraser’s jacket pocket.  Although he claimed they were for back pain, at the service of his majesty, he served six months hard labor at London’s famed and feared Belmarsh Prison.  As a loyal friend, Fraser even told the authorities the pills found on Mick and Keith belonged to him, sparing the Glimmer Twins prison time.

A Sad Ending

Scooting off to India for the first part of the 1980’s, Fraser returned to London, opening up a second gallery, but it was already too late.  Torn deep into alcohol and drug addiction, Robert Fraser sadly contracted AIDS and died in 1986.  The former Eton educated magical art dealer of Swinging London was dead.

Long live the King.

For the Mind Set Gallery, this is D.B.Humbleworth, Curator Mind Set Gallery


The Mona Lisa Syndrome

Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa is the most popular girl in the world.
Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is the most popular girl in the world.

When You’re Smiling

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to The Louvre Museum in Paris, but if you get a chance, go.  That’s where the Mona Lisa lives.  Perhaps the most famous work of art of the least famous woman in the world, the Mona Lisa has hypnotized and fascinated mankind since it was finished in 1517, sometime around 4:15pm.  On a Thursday.

Maybe it’s Kate Winslet

Mastered by Leonardo DiCaprio when he stood on the bow of the Titanic, the Mona Lisa was initially painted with the goal of putting her on matchbook covers.  No; I’m joking.  The other Leonardo.  DaVinci, who according to legend, depicted the wife of  Francesco del Giocondo, some woman named Lisa.  How the hell Leo got Lisa to pose day after day when she should’ve been taking care of Francesco, remains a Medievil mystery.  Renaissance to be precise.

That Cat Burglar Picasso

On August 11, 1911, the painting was discovered stolen from the Louvre.  Suspects were rounded up, including a poet who had at one time rallied for the Louvre to be burned down. When Guillaume Apollinaire was brought in for questioning, he implicated his friend Pablo Picasso.  Later, both were exonerated.  Some friend.  Picasso later retaliated by turning Apollinaire into a funny looking triangle.

Patriotic Theft

More than two years later, the mystery of the theft was revealed to be done by a museum employee.  Vincenzo Peruggia was a patriot who believed the Mona Lisa should be returned to Italy.  Vince was sentenced to speed dating in a Turkish prison.

What’s Your Price, Baby?

Estimated to be worth close to three-quarters of a billion dollars, the Mona Lisa continues to intrigue and vex the dreamer in us all.  I mean, let’s face it.  Don’t ya sometimes just wish you were part of the Oceans 11 team?

For the Mind Set Gallery, this is D.B.Humbleworth, Curator Mind Set Gallery